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Organize events, share documents and ideas, or drive discussions on relevant topics.

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Encourage exchanges and discussions. With Forums & Groups members can interact online around specific topics.

Foster virtual networking

Member interaction & fostering a collaborative environment is easy in the Cafe with the monthly events you will be able to attend.

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Members can bring opportunities for jobs or partnerships to the community, or crowdsource help on their challenges.

The Entrepreneur Resource Center

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Engage your network, drive collaboration, stay up-to-date, and share best practices!

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monthly events

Business Development Engagement | Masterclass

changs monthly

A gathering safe space where we can engage and connect. think: masterclass, workshops, speed networking.

*topics\Events changes month to month!

*members of the Pro & Expert gain FREE admission

Business Development Engagement | Speed Networking

Fun in a Fast Paced Extravanganza

Speed Networking is Strictly for business professionals looking to expand their business and social circle with the intent of follow up 1-on- 1.

 *We do “change up the format for this event” from month to month –

*members of the Pro & Expert gain FREE admission